Aberdeen Building Group’s comprehensive approach makes design and building an effortless experience for demanding clientele. Our expertise in design and project management ensures budget transparency, execution of your design vision and use of optimal building techniques which guarantee highest return on your investment. As a boutique design-build firm Aberdeen offers both highly personalized services and the resources to accommodate projects of all scopes.  We collaborate with clients in discussing the pros and cons of choices available to best accommodate their needs.

Beyond the actual design, construction and/or remodeling skills and experience, Aberdeen Building Group manages team relationships to ensure:




  • good labor relations and favorable negotiations involving any contract work,
  • design reviews and changes,
  • quality control, and
  • project scope focus.


Aberdeen Building Group, in partnership with the client, works from the perspective of the completed project.  The initial design consultation phase makes it possible to accommodate client’s aspirations, requirements, and potential limitations.Both the comprehensive project and the detailed design elements, such as interior/exterior finishes and special design needs, are considered early on to assure problem-free execution of the project.




Aberdeen Building Group knows building code requirements and other regulatory issues that affect both budgets and timelines.With the understanding that each project is unique, we identify the building configuration, materials, and systems ideal for the specific project. This, along with each client’s wants and needs is weighed in together with the latest construction technologies prior to the commencement of work. This well-planned approach prevents unpleasant surprises during the project and ensures its undisrupted progress.